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These images were taken in the streets just before the finish. The galleries are divided into 5 or 10 minute blocks to make the search easier. The times listed on the folders are the time of day you finished. So take the start times:
Full - 6am
Half - 7am
Family - 7:15
10K - 7:20

and add your finish time to that to get the correct folder.
Start - 7:407:41-7:507:51-8:008:01-8:108:11-8:158:16-8:208:21-8:308:31-8:358:36-8:408:41-8:508:51-9:009:01-9:059:06-9:109:11-9:159:16-9:209:21-9:259:26-9:309:31-9:359:36-9:409:41-9:509:51-10:0010:01-10:2010:21-103010:31-11:00